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Leaving the @cream_style office after my first shoot with camillamayer . That bag is full of great looks! I’m so excited to start styling. :)
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After a full morning of showing my friends around Bushwick, Strangeways is the perfect stop. 
Spring temperatures are still teasing us but the trees are in full bloom! 
Early Saturday morning subway ride to Canarsie. 
Weekend knitting with Mexican yarn at Molasses Books in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Maybe happiness is this: not feeling like you should be elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else.
— Isaac Asimov (via awelltraveledwoman)

(Source: wordsthat-speak, via awelltraveledwoman)

I moved to NYC right before the summer of 2012. I was used to wearing flimsy delicate summer sandals since my car was my primary mode of transportation. I learned very quickly that those shoes were not meant for the miles of walking required in New York. I swore to suck it up and buy a pair of Birkenstocks that very summer…but just couldn’t commit. They just weren’t an attractive shoe…Flash forward to the summer of 2013 and I went through the same thing. Now it’s almost the summer of 2014 and my feet were pleading with me to finally man up and do something good for them.
Thankfully, the fashion cosmos seemed to have aligned lately making Birkenstock’s the new trend. Examples: one, two, three, four. Not only are they socially acceptable (with and without socks!) but I noticed a few all black leather versions floating around on fashion blogs and Pinterest. Those were the only ones I could get behind since I can’t stand the light brown foot-beds that show dirty foot prints after wearing. Of course these were the most elusive and all the early adopters had snatched up almost every pair in existence. I contacted stores in Germany, Singapore, and Poland among other places like Austrian ebay and the like. 
My hard work eventually paid off and I’m now rocking the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned and no-one looks at me twice now that this “normcore" thing is taking hold. (Something I never would have heard of if I didn’t live in Brooklyn/NYC. haha) Whatever man, My feet are happy and so am I. :)
Hullabaloo Bookstore in Crown Heights Brooklyn